What Does "Retirement" mean to YOU?  

David Tydeman June 2011

President David Tydeman welcomes you to our site and invites you to browse through our pages in order to glean what "Retirement" means and has meant to a significant number of School Principals in our state of Victoria, Australia.

The rationale for the formation of our Organisation in 1988 can be found in About Us.

The History of the first 20 years of the RVPA is meticulously documented by     Dr Vern Wilkinson AM. 

Prncipals emerge from the ranks of teachers / educators and academic achievers.  Nowhere is this more obvious than in their abilities to write verse and prose.  They love to write and share their experiences and insights.  50 issues of the RVPA Magazine is testimony to the communication skills of retired principals, many of whom write about the highlights of world travel as well as reflecting on the joys and challenges of young teachers in the bush a half century ago.  We produce just an appetiser selection of articles under the heading Magazines.  Common to all writers is

a love of children, the educational and developmental process and the betterment of our society.  All are likewise appreciative of the blessings of retirement and the importance of collegiality, friendships and good health.

A Happy Group of History Buffs

The RVPA has enjoyed many tours / outings / excursions over the years.

We have just collated a Photo -Album page.  

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As newsworthy developments emerge you can find details in the NewsBlog pages.

Useful and Interesting LINKS to benefit Principal Retirees are in abundance.  We have collated just a few relevant ones.  It behoves everyone to keep up to date on these.


2 Editions of our informative Magazine are published annually.

Edition #59 The April 2016 edition, has just been distributed.