Life Member John Ragas

Magazine Editor & Web Co-ordinator

John and grand-daughter Mia at Melbourne Aquarium

John Ragas has just celebrated 64 years residence in Australia as the son of Dutch migrants.
John arrived at the age of 12 and spent his secondary education in boarding schools in Adelaide, where he learned a few more English words beyond "Yes" and "No" and "Shutte your Face".

After four years of industrial experience, Melbourne Teachers College
{1963-64} developed him into a teacher ready to change the face of schools in the western suburbs.

Opportunity only knocks relatively seldom, so as a young, studious husband and dad he launched himself on a path of University studies — amply aided by part time study leave - resulting in BA Monash.

A decade of intense activity followed:

* Senior teacher and acting principal at Southmoor PS

*ITF Exchange teacher to Alaska in 1978

*Moorabbin District General Curriculum Consultant 81-82

*School Curnculum Co-ordinator and Deputy Principal at Noble Park PS

*Completion of both B.Ed and M.Ed. Studies at Monash

* Selected locally as Principal of Mimosa PS in 1988 was the highlight of John's career.

John took early retirement when the last of the golden handshakes were being offered in 1994 and spent several very rewarding years at Deakin University (Burwood) as honorary Lecturer in Education.

 Retirement?               Don't know the meaning of the word!

Lawn bowls, business ventures, computers and together with wife Thelma  (ex secondary teacher) the family comings and goings of their two children and two grandchildren take up some of the extra energy.  

Home exchanges - internationally and within Australia, account significantly towards relaxation, cultural pursuits and satisfying the thirst for travel and spending money.

John has been on the RVPA committee since 1996 and enjoys the Newsletter publishing roles and the web co-ordination roles.