Death of Dr Lawrie Shears

Dr Lawrie Shears is well - known to the Victorian education fraternity as Director-General of Education in this state for many years.

His legacy of teaching, training, administration and educational innovation is legendary.

Lawry died on Tuesday, July 26th 2016 at the age of 95.

Google his name if interested in purchasing his biography “Footprints of a Twetieth century educator - Lawrie Shears” by Eleanor Peeler

Changes to Membership fees

At the AGM Meeting on May 19,  2016, the membership unanimously agreed that annual fees have to be amended in line with the realities of costs incurred.

The greatest cost burden is incurred in producing our bi-annual Magazine.  Present fees barely cover the cost of printing.  The argument of producing printed copies of lesser quality was not supported.

More information will be available shortly, but in essence, those members receiving communications by email will not be affected.  Those that have opted for the printed copy of the Magazine will bear a surcharge of $15 annually for both printing and postage.

All members are urged to opt for digital copies and save yourselves the extra surcharge.